Castlemain Perkins Brewery, Milton

Eastern side of the Castlemaine Perkins XXXX Brewery's main building in Milton.
Originally taken for the FujiMugs "Landmarks" challenge, but missed the entry period by 4 minutes :-)
The bird is a common crow, what looks like it's tail is actually it's left wing.

Castlemain Perkins Brewery, Milton

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no xxxx draught stubbies

to whom this may concern i have been drinking xxxx draught for the past 20 years and now i can not buy it.i have tryed drinking other beer but its not as good as the draughties so please reconsider the non production of the beer plus a lot of people have been to my parties and alot of them drink draughties so please contact me and try to solve this problem. thank you

Market forces

Umm... sorry Dan, I don't actually _own_ Castlemain Perkins, I just took a photo of their building, ok?

However, I feel your pain. They do brew a decent drop (certainly superior to many of the other options out there), and if they've stopped producing your preferred variety I imagine that would have a terrible effect on your quality of life.

You could try the direct approach - XXXX is owned by Lion Nathan, their website is at so maybe if you complain to them they might consider making it again.

More likely though, your best bet is to look into brewing your own lager. From all reports, you can come up with some fantastic brews at home, and your options are wide open for many varieties of beer. You could probably find something that gets close to your favourite draught, and at a much more reasonable price, too.